Bohinj Triangle Part 2 - Conspiracy Theories

 The Bohinj triangle fatal for Gregor? 

Slovenian News - Mihael Korsika: Even after one month, there is still no trace of 38-year-old Gorenjska Pavšić.

BOHINJ - In the infamous Bohinj triangle, where in the past every trace of many hikers, excursionists and locals has been lost, 38-year-old Gregor Pavšič from Žirovnica disappeared a month ago. He set off for the upper Bohinj valley on Sunday, 29 April. Gregor initially wanted to stretch his legs by hiking to Valvazor's hut under the Stol, which is an hour's walk from his home. He decided otherwise, and the wheel of fate began to turn differently.

A fateful decision?

He left his car at the Kramar guesthouse and headed for Vogar, an hour's walk away. "On Sunday, he called from Bohinj to say he was going to Vogar. Around half past seven in the evening, he called again and said he was going for a walk around the lake and would be home at nine. Then the only thing left on his mobile phone was his secretary," said his worried father Srečko Pavšič, who raised the alarm at ten o'clock. "I panicked and called the police to try to determine his position on his mobile phone. The Vogel base station recorded the last conversation in the direction across the middle of the lake and further down the valley. A triangle," explained Srečko.

An extensive search operation was launched, involving mountain rescuers, divers, police, military and civil protection. More than 70 people, including Srečko and his two sons, relatives, Gregor's friends and compatriots and others, searched for him throughout the search.

During the first week of the search, rescuers searched the banks and surroundings of the lake. A helicopter with a special heat-sensing camera was also involved. "But the weather was too warm to see anything," explained Srečko. Divers checked the shoreline, a special unit of the Slovenian Armed Forces with sonar was also involved, and mountain rescuers were checking the lake surroundings.

The next day, they found his car, where he had left his wallet, registered mail and his work book in the back seat. According to Srečko, the only possible trace they found was a packet of cigarettes on the Vogar, which was sent for analysis, and Srečko handed over his son's shaving kit to the police for a DNA sample.

Gregor had fallen on hard times; he worked for a construction company in Kranj, but after its collapse at the beginning of the year, he found himself out of a job. In March, he applied to the employment office. "He was very depressed when he was thrown out of the job centre. He went for training twice and should come again in the next two weeks. He left all his contacts with them but did not get a notification. Instead, they sent a decision that he was no longer entitled to unemployment benefit because of this. That was a week ago. He has gone completely mad. They stole more than €3000 from him," said Srečko.

Supernatural forces

Gregor went to one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia, the surroundings of Lake Bohinj. There is a dark side to this beauty, which in the past has stirred the imagination of the locals due to mysterious disappearances, and which has been rekindled by his disappearance. Decades ago, the locals called the peaks around Lake Bohinj the Bohinj Triangle, after the world-famous Bermuda Triangle. They were convinced that people did not disappear by chance, but were drawn to the heart of the earth by supernatural forces. Local tradition tells of a couple who were separated for a moment during their walk, the wife passing the rock on the left and her chosen one on the right. The latter was never seen again, nor were his remains found.

In 1990, Hubert Schara, a well-known Ljubljana resident, disappeared in the triangle, and parts of his skeleton were not found until seven years later. Earlier, a prominent Englishman had left the Zlatorog Hotel one autumn and disappeared. Thousands of people searched for him at the instigation of the British Government, but his body was never found. In 2008, an eerily identical disappearance followed, when David Fox, a British minister and official of the United Reformed Church, left the Zlatorog Hotel in Ukancu on 21 June, saying that he was going underground. To date, he has not been found. A local man who went for a night swim in the Bohinj Triangle has also disappeared.

The pain of those closest to you when you suddenly disappear is unimaginable. Has Gregor been the victim of a fatal coincidence, or has he chosen a new life? Time cannot erase the hope that one day he will return. A friend of Gregor's father also turned to a bioenergetician for help. "He sees him somewhere in Italy and says he's still alive," said Srečko, who has at least a little hope that his son will one day knock on his home door.

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