Poverty is rich

 Today I will talk about the difference between the poor and those who are rich from birth. It doesn’t fly to those who made it from scratch.

I'll start with the rich:


  • They can afford what they want at that moment
  • They have a big ship
  • They have a private plane
  • They are never alone or feel lonely
  • They can just lie down all day and do absolutely nothing
  • Private cooks cook them
  • Private laundries wash their laundry / maids
  • Others take everything care of
  • They have the most expensive cars you can imagine
  • They don't have to worry about anything - the staff can take care of it
  • They have their butts full (no intention of insulting)


  • They have a lot of fake friends
  • They celebrated Christmas in the company of the rich themselves instead of with the family (just guessing)
  • If they become poor on their own, no one will help them, because friends will only find others - they will go to other rich people.
  • They don’t know what true friendship means
  • They feel almost no difference between the poor and the rich
  • They’re always bored because they’ve seen it all before and don’t know what to do with the money
  • They almost never really have fun
  • They don't know how to wash, cook, etc ...
  • I educated them at home or in private schools
  • Others shape their future, without objection (we plan everything in advance)
  • They work - They do what others tell them to do
  • They have no right to stand up for themselves
This is what I think about the rich is not the intention to hurt anyone with this, but just to give an opinion, but if I'm wrong, write it in the comment Thank you

So now to the poor:
  • We have real friends
  • We are very happy when we can afford the sea and even if only for a week or a couple of days on the Slovenian coast
  • We almost never get bored because they have real friends with them
  • We have real friends and they distinguish between real and not real
  • We always find the solution to our problems ourselves
  • We have skills that the rich certainly do not have (we know how to do laundry, etc ... (with some exceptions))
  • We celebrate Christmas with our family (usually)
  • We know the difference between a good man and a bad man
  • We know how to cook lunch, wash dishes, do laundry, etc.
  • We go to regular school
  • We have set goals and we know what we want
  • We shape our own future
  • We do what we want
  • We have the right to stand up for ourselves

  • We don't have a lot of money,
  • We have to save all year so we can go to sea in the summer,
  • When something breaks or is destroyed (computer, device in the house, ..) we can't buy a new one right away.
  • It takes longer to do a car exam,
  • Most of the money goes to food and expenses,
  • Rarely can we afford something (spa, pampering, ..)
  • We are mostly at home,

I come from a poor family, but that doesn't mean I'm not well, on the contrary, I'm great. The only difference is that I can't go or have what I want as soon as I see something or think I once would have.
I will do the second part as well, because at the time of writing this post I realized that this post is also a bit of a misconception about this topic, but I decided to post it anyway. To see how I think and what I think about it.
Because if I weren't, I wouldn't know and find out who I am. What do you think, are the rich or the poor happier ????

That concludes my post for today. Do not forget to subscribe to my blog and follow me on social media. Until next time, in a few days.