Who can I trust ???


Today I will talk about who we can trust (our problems, worries, what bothers us and the like).

  1. Parents
  2. Grandparents
  3. Sister, brother, cousin (relatives)
  4. Self (most self-confidence)
  5. A friend
  6. Strangers

Someone you feel safe with (mom, dad, etc.)

Someone who listens to you and maybe advises you whether you want it or not

To me (you can trust me, write to zs and I also advise you, if you need it, of course)

But I trust almost everyone because through growing up and my life, I realized that this is completely normal. With this, however, I realized the fact that this can be anyone you meet on a train, bus, troll, plane, etc ... I learned a lot of advice from strangers and so now I feel better in my own skin. But sometimes it also happened that others told me their story and I felt even better. Not because of a field accident but because I realized that my life just isn't as horrible as it seems to everyone, maybe even to you (about your story). So don't start a conversation with people you don't know. You never know who will tell you what wisdom from your life. With that, you can even do it, even if it makes your life a little better. You will see a single person we meet and get to know her story can actually change your life forever. It can be for better or for worse. Maybe it even forces you to start thinking differently and change our lives that way. I am absolutely not saying not to do what you have done so far, just look at it from a different perspective / positive side, if possible. If you've ever wondered why I trust everyone I can talk to, here are my reasons:

  1. Because you never know what they are hiding (wisdom or something)
  2. If they affect you, you may never see them again
  3. Maybe someone will surprise you (positively or negatively)
  4. I am fascinated by how eloquent some are and how they tell you what they would do in your place
  5. You are not closed in on yourself and on the phone (believe me the conversation helps)
  6. You don't feel alone
  7. You see that people have worse stories than you (maybe you will be happier in your life)

Let me tell you what happened to me. I haven't seen this person since 19.10. 2019 but until 22.4.2022 I didn't see it for 2.5 years. I've met her before. I had the opportunity to personally meet a Slovenian actress with whom I still have contacts. She really changed my life for the better, for which I will be very grateful forever. It changed my life because I was aware of what I was doing wrong in my life. The moment I found out her story, I somehow saw my future in it, which I didn't want to experience in any way, and I decided to change something, and so did I. Because today, this blog wouldn't exist at all if she hadn't stepped into my life.

This is also another reason I am writing this blog. Because I want to help people like her, because I really want you all to look forward to small victories, even if they end up picking mushrooms, so be happy that this never happened to you. But if you do, write to me and I'll be very happy if you want to.

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See you again in a few days.

Rainbow Eve

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