How to identify a fake friend?

 Today I will talk about real friends. I pulled this from one website. Where the difference between a true and a false friend is written:

Fake friends: they come to you in a couple of hours,
True friends: they come to you every day.
Fake friends: they know your name,
True friends: they know how to write a book about you.
Fake friends: knocking on your door,
True friends: when they come they shout HERE I AM!
Fake friends: they've been here for a while,
True friends: they have been here all their lives!

This is a kind of basis, but I also went to the Internet to see what they say. who is a true friend:

1. Never forget your birthday and always make sure to wish you a happy birthday.
2. When your car breaks down, he offers you transportation, even if he misses work because of it. It never requires money for fuel.
3. You can smile together to tears.
4. You can easily sit in silence without feeling uncomfortable.
5. Even if you only see each other three times a year, you always feel like you've never been apart.
6. Even if the truth hurts, he will tell it to you because he loves you.
7. He knows what makes you happy, he knows your favorite movie, chocolate, color, and what number of clothes you wear.
8. His praises are genuine and come from the heart.
9. He knows your insecurities, but does not discuss them with others.
10. He is always ready to offer you advice.
11. It's hard to imagine life without him!

Make no mistake this is from the internet and not mine because I myself have not yet learned who is right and who is not. But when I will be happy to tell you what I have met. And yet I tell you how I recognize them for now

  1. He is here to help me and advise me when I need help
  2. He is always available to me even when he is not at home or a sleep
  3. He never refuses to talk to me even if I call him / her in the middle of the night
  4. He is there when I need him / her the most
  5. He never insults me or makes fun of me
These are my 5 rules but I will also stick to the top 11 going forward.

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Rainbow Eve

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