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 Today I will tell you a thought sent to me a few days ago by my friend.

The thought says, "Everyone knew it was impossible. But then someone came along who didn't know it. He succeeded!"

The thought is obviously meant for me. Why ?? Because he talks about something being impossible or that everyone is saying it is impossible.

Why would something really be possible ??

If we talk about the impossible then we could go back to prehistoric times. At that time there was no electricity, no cars, let alone houses and solar cells. At the time, everyone was saying we would never get better in life (at least I think so). Then came the man who invented electricity and solar cells. Who do you think the river is? Someday we will have electricity from solar cells and on water and wind. Nobody!! That didn't even exist at the time !!

Then why are people telling me today that you can't make money with a blog ???

Who are you??? You haven't even started writing a blog, let alone looking for ways to make a lot of money with it ???

You are nobody until you do it yourself or try to keep your mouth shut. Because if anyone is going to solve this riddle and manage to make money with a blog, it’s me, because I don’t know it’s not, that I just know it’s possible.

It really bothers me that in America, after 3 months of writing, some earn my blog but it will soon be 3 years old and not even a cent. Really very sad and I will put an end to this !!!

I will give myself a huge challenge. I myself !!

This challenge is that by the time I get my 4 year old blog I will be earning at least some with it. I will not give anything if I do not, because I will do everything to make it happen !!!

So all skeptics shut up and just be quiet because I will ignore you !!!

That's all for this blog. I know you liked it, so subscribe to my blog. Thanks see you next week hehe

See you again in a few days.

Rainbow Eve

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