My parents don't believe in me !!!!

 Today I am going to talk about parents who do not believe in their children. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Yes, it happens to me too, but it doesn't happen to you ???? How lucky you are. Okay, let me get back to the topic so what to do when that happens ???? You have an idea (write a comment).

Here are some tips that may come in handy for me (mostly I wrote them myself):

  1.  Don’t worry - if your parents say this isn’t good for you because they don’t know what’s good for you (basically no one knows (mostly)). Still, try to do what you think is right.

  2.  Never resent - we would like to wish you luck, but what if our future is much different from theirs (applies to grandparents - at least for me)

  3.  Parents are not always right - but listen to them (not literally on average), some parents are really smart and as they should be (mine have never been and never will be)

  4.  Always listen to your heart - because when something / thing comes that will enchant you and conjure up joy for you, just follow it and don't miss it - never (you don't know if it will ever come back). In short, this is a science

  that goes like this: Opportunity missed NO ONE RETURNS. (I really stick to that, you do it too)

  1. Never stop believing in yourself - This is the most important thing besides following your heart and losing opportunities.

  2.  Always follow your dreams - No matter what happens, if something makes you happy, it's the right thing to do and do everything you can to visit this thing, your whole life.

  3.  Never lose touch with them - Let them do such a bad thing, you will still remember them in the age of light. It happened to me. My mom did a terrible thing and when it thundered I remembered her and now we have contact again. Because maybe one day they'll even come in handy.

  4.  Love them no matter what - If they insult you, they don't necessarily want to hurt you, some people express their concern for you and don't want to say something that isn't true. Never stop loving them.

These were my 8 rules that I stick to because or when my parents don’t believe in me.

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Rainbow Eve

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