Rainbow Eva writes a song

 Today I will show you one of my passions. Yes, you can read it right from the title of a blog. Sometimes I write a song in my head. This week, however, I decided to write it in a new post as well.

As the years passed,

Karin discovered her passion.

She loved it so much,

that she never wanted to sleep again.

It's been a year and Karin,

 got her dream job.

She started working in a company

which she made herself.

She never had financial problems again.

She did everything by herself,

because she wanted it.

She had everything she wanted,

she even give donations to people,

to help them and so, 

she has made many people happy.

 You can’t believe I know how to compose rhymes so well. Honestly, neither do I.

That's all for this blog. I know you liked it, so subscribe to my blog. Thanks, see you next week, hehe

See you again in a few days.

Rainbow Eve

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