20 things I hate!

 Today I'm going to talk about things I hate:

  1. Insects: fleas, spiders and other microscopic animals

  2. People pretending to be your friends

  3. People who would talk about sexuality themselves

  4. People who just take advantage of me and half disappear and you never see them again (when they get theirs).

  5. People who would like to see my picture, but don't even open their profile first (man, it's all about him!).

  6. They just make fun of people and insult them (for no specific reason).

  7. People think they are legends because they offend someone.

  8. People greet you and half go off the net just as you answer them (same minute).

  9. When I don't feel like doing anything, but my eyes are heavy, I should do something.

  10. Then the computer or phone starts ticking and you can write everything again, but in the meantime the page is reloaded and everything is deleted.

  11. That guy is in a hurry to get somewhere, but the folk don't want to back down and see you running.

  12. The one who calls you to your mother while you are doing so just to ask how you are???

  13. The one who writes to you be mine, but doesn't know you at all.

  14. The one you go for a walk with takes you to the toilet.

  15. If you miss a bus or train by one minute, you can wait another hour and a half.

  16.  That k, I would really like to go to sleep, but people don't stop writing to you.

  17.  That k is in a bad mood and people don't understand that I need time for myself.

  18.  I would like to play a game, but my computer is very slow.

  19.  The one to me runs out of money on the phone for a really good game

  20.  I don't have time for that one, but folk writes to me.

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See you again in a few days.

Rainbow Eve

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