How to survive the journey without the use of technology

How to survive the journey without the use of technology

Today I will talk about the route we take by car or bus or even by train.

I really don't like to look at my phone during the journey, I prefer to talk to someone or do something else.

 That's why today I'm going to list 5 things you can do while traveling without using your phone.

  1. Look out; During the journey, this is usually very interesting, especially when it is snowing outside. It kind of reminds me of fairy tales, because when I look outside it takes me somewhere far away. I have a really vivid imagination and looking outside when there is snow outside is really something very beautiful and also magical (I recommend it).

  1.  Try to talk; Connect with someone and talk to them all the way. Start with the sentence how are you??? Then the topics usually come to me on their own and sometimes I lock myself up so much that I don't want to end the conversation. I almost miss the exit. Try, there are always people who would be happy to talk. Especially the older ones.

  1.  Take the book; Read it on the way (train, plane...) so time passes faster. In addition, of course, look outside every now and then so you don't miss the exit.

  1.  Studying and writing an assignment; Time well spent because it's only a train or a bus and somehow it's easier to concentrate on a certain subject and that way it stays in your head more. But if you don't feel like doing it yourself, ask someone sitting next to you to ask you a little about the material in your notebook (repetition).

  1.  Thinking; Think about yourself, your life, would you like to change something, you don't like something, change it. Commit to making yourself feel good in this world. Leave others, you are important, think about it, but if you find a mistake or a huge desire to change something or do it differently. You must not forget to write it down (you can also write it down on your phone, even better, but in a notebook it will be visible for longer).

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Rainbow Eve

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