Problems are part of life!

  Today I will tell you something that not many people in this world understands. 

I think that most people in the world thinks, that only they have problems and nobody else, which is absolutely not true. 

As you know people are made like that, that we have our own thoughts and literally do whatever we want. Imagine a cat or dog can also be any puppy who is playful and loves to explore the world. He does stupid things and destroys other people's property. So he does what he wants, but this little creature has to learn what is right and what is not. This should be taken care of by the parents or just the mother. But we humans have adopted them so we play the role of parents, which we do.

Now do you think a cat or a dog is completely carefree ?? I don’t think so because she has a problem when we’re not a few hours away from what she could eat because she’s hungry if she doesn’t have food available all the time. Or what to do because she would like to come to a tree but it is a little too high for that cat. On it, however, is a juicy napkin that he so desperately wants to catch.

Yes cats also have problems but we humans don’t see them because we focus on how they solve them and we find their problems funny because it just crashes or falls. In reality, she overlooked all this a little badly and failed to reach the goal, but still can’t. She keeps trying and trying, until, on a nice day, she succeeds.

I have been reading a 165-page book for two days now. I read about a page or two a day. Books are really a torment for me. But I really like this one, so I insist. The title of the book is: If you can’t climb the wall, make a door!

It speaks to the fact that we all have problems. Yes, also rich people !!! This surprised me a little too, but the book is right. No one is without problems !!!

Can you imagine not having any problems ???

I don’t because problems make my world a lot better. If I didn't have them, what would I do ?? I really don’t know for sure I would be terribly bored. And it really would be like every day is a holiday. Poor and without any motivation to continue living.

In a situation where you have a problem, you should never shut yourself in and pretend that everything is fine. We all know the opposite means. So when you have a problem face it surround her or mess up the door and look her straight in the eye. Talk about it with friends or acquaintances. But if you do not have them or you are afraid, for some reason, of course you can always write to me and I will tell or advise you and help you solve the problem or at least give some advice on how to deal with the problem.

Personally, it helps me a lot to go watch a series or just do anything else that has nothing to do with the problem.

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See you again in a few days.

Rainbow Eve

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