What to do if you make a mistake?

                                                       Today I will talk about mistakes.

We all make mistakes. Me, you, your friend, your parents, your boyfriend.

Sometimes we know we've made it. If we have offended someone, hurt them or been unfair to them, it is right to apologize. The problem arises when we are not aware of it.

 Mistakes are a part of life, we learn from them. Sometimes instead of one mistake, we make 50 mistakes, and even then we may not realize what we are doing wrong. If a certain person moves away from us, stops looking at us or is angry with us, it often means that we have done something wrong. Or he has his own problems that we can't solve.

It is best to resolve things by talking, and you can immediately see what you are doing. If you wronged her, apologize and ask if you can make amends. The world is already full of hate, resentment, evil people. Let us at least be fair and honest to others, do not harm them and try to have good relations with them.

 There are, of course, exceptions, with which it is impossible to bury the hatchet. It is best to remove such negative people from your life who are not ready to forgive and are openly mean to us. Let's take care of ourselves and let karma do its job. Let's focus on those who are always ready to help us and with whom we are happy.

The post is kind of short, but it captured the essence of what I wanted to say.

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Rainbow Eve

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