Today I will talk about how people are different and how many questions arise in my mind. Why questions, because we are in such a time that we think differently. I'll give an example: A girl in school in the 3rd grade doesn't have a touch phone, she only has a phone that costs €1. Enough to call home and learn responsibility. A boy in her class has a touch phone with internet and data. How are the two different????

1. They have different phones;

Maja: He has a phone that lasts for days without charging.

Greg: But he has a phone that he can charge every night.

2. They have different lives;

Maja: When he gets home, he does his homework and studies a little more. Then she goes out to play with her friends on the playground.

Greg: He comes home, sits down at the table, and stares at the phone for a while eating lunch. Then he does the task but is constantly disturbed by the sound of the phone. When he finishes, he goes to his room and watches videos on YouTube or plays games until dinner.

3. Various assessments;

Maja: She learns a lot from the tasks she does because she is not distracted by her phone. He listens diligently at school. He has homework regularly. At home, she repeats the material she heard at school, which is why she gets only fives and sometimes even fours.

Greg: While working on the task, all he thinks about is how to finish it as soon as possible and go back to the phone. Every time the phone rings, he can definitely see what happened. Occasionally, however, the phone tempts him so much that he forgets about the task. Most of the time, he is left without homework. He doesn't listen much during class, he thinks all the time how he'd rather have a break. And that's why she only has 2 because she prefers to use her phone at home as well.

4. Friends;

Maja: She has many friends who love her and she is never bored at school. He also has a lot of time to spend with them. Sometimes they also study together outside or at someone's home. He has many true

Greg: But he doesn't have many friends, he thinks that friends are great if they are virtual or in games or on Facebook. That's why he only has fake friends who love watching him while playing games on his phone.

5. Sleep;

Maja: She sleeps at least 8 hours a day because she doesn't hang on her phone in the evening and doesn't stay up late at night, so she's more sleepy. Before going to bed, repeat all the material from that day once more. Then he sleeps peacefully.

Greg: Hanging on the phone before going to bed. Then he goes to bed and hangs on the phone a little longer (only 5 minutes). Of course, this drags on until 2-3 in the morning, so he only sleeps for about 3-4 hours a day. In the morning, however, he is so groggy that he hardly knows himself, so he doesn't follow in class and doesn't know anything.

Now is the time for you to think about how Maja and Greg are different.

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Rainbow Eve

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