Every day is a holiday

Today I will answer the question of what it would be like if every day was a holiday. In the sense that we would not go to work and would only be at home or doing whatever we wanted.

I didn't think much about it myself, but when I saw this written somewhere, I thought about it.

What if money just kept coming and coming from nowhere? Everyone would be happy and prosperous. Nobody would do anything.

In short, they would probably be careless, huh??

But I often wonder what would happen if no one cooked, no one washed, no one put out a fire, no one treated, no one was educated, etc...

Well, I really don't know where to go. We'd probably go back to the Stone Age when that was true. But I think in history they started inventing things just out of boredom. Every day was a holiday for murder, but somehow they had to survive it. Defending yourself to stay alive. You need a weapon to defend yourself. Then they had to eat otherwise they would die so they invented fire. And we know how it all goes.

That's how they realized that something needs to be grown and that if you have a fire and roast the meat, then it tastes better than raw??? Yes, I know that no one but the chefs taste raw meat. That's why we don't know the taste or most don't.

So it is no longer possible to make every day a holiday, except for children up to 1-2 years of age, but after that you have to listen and obey and they are no longer so free. And they weren't so much into murder before. But at least they are carefree for longer, which is also okay.


Now I realized that if every day was a holiday, we would have a party, then it would be as tiring as work.

But why should you spend so much time having fun, if you can do something good for yourself and others and maybe even earn something while doing this!!!!!??? Also with the help of a hobby and of course your own dreams. Make your dreams come true!!

I came to the final conclusion:

If every day were a holiday, entertainment would be as tiring as work.

That's why we prefer to share and do something good for ourselves and others while trying to earn something from it. This really should be the guideline of life. !!!!

What do you think, would you rather have fun every day or work???? Write in a comment

I would rather work because I can do something for the community and maybe earn something and feel good if I can then help someone.

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See you again in a few days.

Rainbow Eve

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