You must have been afraid of something. I'm right or wrong. You won't believe it, but I'm often scared too. Even so much that she would rather never have to deal with this fear. I'd rather pretend it doesn't exist. I never thought I would get to face my biggest fear ever.

This biggest fear of mine used to be speaking in front of the class, the audience,... In short, wherever I could say something, I cried and actually couldn't open my mouth. Yes, she really cried, I could cry in front of the whole class just so that I didn't have to say anything. Look at me now, I've been in the theater for 5 years and I'm even traveling around the world and I'm enjoying it immensely. On this occasion, I can also tell you the story of how I ended up in the theater when I had so much stage fright.

It started in the 1st year at the beginning of the year, when I somehow realized that it was no longer going on like this. I can't cry in front of the class forever. I seriously had enough of this. So I decided to change that and it didn't take long before an invitation came to my boarding school. They invited new members from a theater in Ljubljana.

That's when I said to myself, I'm going to see what's going to happen and what it's like there, to see their way of working. I came to that theater in the "hallway" where there were couches and it was so nice. You could even say magical. It was also winter, perhaps even more so. I really fell in love with this place, it kind of took me over. But when I saw the hall I was speechless, it was really better than I could have ever imagined.


So I decided to face this biggest fear. And I did too, it took me a year to get used to it and I just succeeded. I overcame my biggest fear. I am very proud of myself. (more about the theater and the topics I had and similar will come in the next year)

Even you, who are reading this, I recommend that you give yourself a challenge for your Christmas resolution (tips coming soon) and face one of your biggest fears, believe me, you will be very grateful to me. I was by myself. I still have some tremors, but not as much as then.

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See you again in a few days.

Rainbow Eve

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