My first love!

Ojla, today I will tell you the story of my first love. I honestly don't think it's the first, but it's the first I remember. They say you never forget the first one.

It happened in the pioneer home, where I went to sculpting (post under the title My hobbies-Sculpting).

He was tall with black or even brown hair and wore glasses. Once I scared him so much when he was leaving the toilet that he almost fell on the floor. I thought I was going to die laughing.

He didn't go to the sculpture class with me, but he went to the painting class. It was at the same time and for the same length of time, but in the room next to me.

I remember when I used to go there many times to him/them, to the others who were still in painting, to make mistakes. I have always been extremely curious and always wanted to see what others were doing while I was walking around. I always checked to see if there was anything new and what anyone was doing. I got used to it over time.

After some time, this "first love" of mine and I really started dating. We sprayed each other with hairspray, he could never catch me (varnish is used to spray pictures, for longer durability). We only did this once.

The decisive moment that I fell in love with him was one day when he was on the phone talking. As usual, I went to greet everyone for coming. And he was there on the phone when I came by, I greeted him without my voice so as not to disturb his conversation. He grabbed my hand when I was about to leave, as if to say no, I'd like to welcome you back or something like that. Then I walked away and he still held my hand until I was so far that he couldn't reach me.

After some time I came back and looked at how they were progressing, someone touched me from behind. To this day, I don't know for sure who it was, but I think it was him. Because who else would dare to touch me???

So that day ended and in a few months or even next school year I decided to write my first love letter. And so was he, and I was immensely proud of him. I gave the letter to my friend at the time, who then handed it to him. I wasn't there then because I was already going to the theater or it was something else, I don't remember anymore.

Then the same day she came to me and of course she didn't know what to say because his answer was negative. He didn't want to be behind me and I was obviously imagining everything wrong. But nothing happened, when she told me that I just said:

Well, don't panic if he doesn't want me. There are many boys in the world who would like me so that I don't worry and live on. I think she was very surprised by the answer, she really didn't expect such a response.

But I was happy because I finally knew where I was and I never blamed him for that.

It wasn't until a few years later that I found out how it was spelled and I still can't find it, but if you are ever going to be "my first love", please let me know. Because I really want us to be at least friends Thank you!!!

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Rainbow Eve

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