Never give up!

Today I will talk about a topic that is well known to everyone and that is despair (be it about yourself, parents, others, or the whole world) In short, about everything possible. So that I will dedicate this blog to how I deal with it and give some advice on how to solve it.

I deal with this every month or even several times. then I cry and get angry at the whole world. When I had a plan and every second it crumbled more like me.

It lasted exactly 30 minutes and I was at rock bottom and crying and furious at the world. Then I talked and found a solution that was the best in this situation. So the pieces of my desperation kind of came together and eventually came together the way they were supposed to. Sometimes I call it I was lucky. This happens to me quite often, I have some bad luck, but everything is fixed the same day or the next and it's okay.

Meanwhile, I'm talking to myself

"It will be better, it's always been, so why not this time". It really helps me and then I talk to a friend or someone on the net and that way I calm down more easily, and then everything is finally resolved. And it's easier for me to live.

When it's difficult for you, you can contact me, tell me what's bothering you and I'll give you some helpful advice.

My advice, if this happens to you, as it did to me, a few days before the event, everything collapsed for me, like a house of cards. Tell yourself everything will be okay and really believe it and it will happen. My principle is yes

if you think things happen! This is proven to me time and time again. Can you imagine that people would not believe in anything??? No, neither am I. That's right, we all believe in something, but we don't, that's why he doesn't punish us because we're not all the same, can you imagine if we were???? Do you think I would be bored??? Write a comment and tell me about grinding. You must never give up, if you cry it doesn't mean that you have given up, it just means that you went back a little (took a step back), gathered strength, and jumped two steps forward. I cry a lot, a lot, and I've learned that it's okay because it shows that I'm vulnerable and have feelings, just like everyone else. And sometimes we just have to cry and then move on, that's how it should be.

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See you again in a few days.

Rainbow Eve

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