Why does imagination exist?

Have you ever wondered why imagination exists??? No, seriously, why is that, but don't you know that this is how the world as you know it came into being??? No, are you kidding me??? How did that never occur to you??? Do you even know what would be impossible without imagination??? No, let me tell you, nothing.

The story goes something like this: Adam, Eve and God were on earth. What were they doing? In my opinion, they sat all day, ate, went to sleep, and it all happened again. Yes, sort of, but in her mind Eva wanted apples, she must have imagined in her mind how great it would be and everything would be fine. Unfortunately, reality is not fantasy, so it pays off. Fell into a trap why??? Because of imagination. So God said to her: "Oh, Eve, you will regret it bloody". Eva says, "But after meals???" So we girls got our periods. It's true, girl, because of Eva, we have our period crazy, right, I know. But since Adam was a good boy, he didn't get it, he didn't eat the apple and everything was okay. As a result, this is precisely why boys do not have periods. Bless them, I really envy them.

It was also a story about how we girls got our period in a slightly humorous and quite realistic way. We're paying for murder, we're fixing Eva's mistake for her hehe.

Imagination created everything we have. Come to think of it, how did the computer or the phone come about??? It was simply not possible for someone to stand in front of the wire and talk or wait for the postman to bring the letter. What a tedious and very time-consuming job. They all always had the same goal. This goal was to make life easier!!! That's how we invented electricity, and various devices, which of course had many parts from the beginning, and then these parts started to get smaller. Getting a new shape and new possibilities. Why, to make our lives easier. Yes, all for this reason. If anyone thought that the cause is not the same by any chance.

Now you know imagination is an integral part of all periods. It doesn't matter when you are born, your imagination and desire can always help in making work easier. Just think how many words the man invented. Why do you think that there is such a wide selection, it is certainly not because one person invented it, nor does everyone have their own taste? And things are increasing and have various other functions, shapes, colors, and yes, whatever comes to your mind. That's really a lot. This is exactly why imagination is so important. Apart from dreams, of course, dreams are already the fruit of imagination. Whatever you want, you can work hard for the goal and be creative, have imagination, and look for solutions. Of course, all this is possible with the help of imagination.


What would you do without imagination??? I personally think that absolutely nothing would exist. What do you think about this???? Tell me in the comments.

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Rainbow Eve

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