Goofing off- Time for me!

Today I will talk about the mockery that happened to me. Most of the elementary school and then some. The killing somehow never ends. But it is good to start as soon as possible.

Why is it good to start as soon as possible???

Because then we get used to it faster and later, after a few years, it will NOT come alive anymore. It started happening to me in the 5th grade when I was 11 years old. Yes, how about at 11 a.m. if we are 10 years old and in the 5th grade???

Yes, I dropped it (I'll tell you why another time).

So it all started after Savudrija. That summer vacation at the beginning of the year, when you go somewhere with your class and stay there for 5 days. Yes, we went to Savudria, everything was fine there, I met my new classmates and the classmates did not show anything bad.

But then we came back and one fine day I started running after the boys. Of course, the boys could also hide behind the girls. That's why I ended up running after them, even though that wasn't my intention.

That was great for me because I finally had some peace and stuff. Then they started to avoid me for a whole meter. This was also great because wherever I went I had a place.

This continued over time, day after day, week after week, month after month, and even year after year. Yes, they even called me Unagi (to this day I still don't know what that means, it's supposed to be something very ugly). My classmates invented the name. I think they thought the word didn't exist, but apparently, they were wrong.

In my case, it lasted for years from the 5th grade until the 8th grade, when I finally got a new classmate who was in the boarding school with me and we all got along. From the time she came, I was no longer alone, I had her and I could bear it more easily. Over time, they mellowed it out and it wasn't so bad anymore.

Everyone at the school, the principal, the social worker, the students, and the teachers, conveyed the idea. Everyone is like that, except the police and firemen and, of course, doctors. But unfortunately, they didn't solve anything, so it dragged on until we all left elementary school and went to high school.

During all this time, I observed the relationships in my class, who is hanging out with whom, how friendships break up and how new ones are formed, etc. I think I'm the only one in the class who knows who he's been hanging out with, just tell him the name and surname, and I'll tell you everything, even in which class something happened.

I don't have anything bad to say about anyone. If you tell me about a classmate, I will definitely list only nice things about that person. Or how bad it is with advice on how to improve it. In short, I don't think anything bad about them, even if they ever humiliated me, I never humiliated them.

I never even think of taking revenge on them, because I'm not like that. Many people believe that because I don't say anything, I don't have anything intelligent to say, or because I don't dare to object, or because I'm afraid of someone, and as a result I'm quiet.


No, I'm not really quiet here, not because I agree, but because I really don't want to stoop to the level of someone who doesn't know me. Indeed, it's not right for him to insult me, but why should I say anything to him??? I don't prefer to be quiet, that's what he thinks about me, that's his problem, if it amuses him, I laugh with him alone so that you're happy.

But I won't say anything for another reason, and that is that I can exaggerate too quickly and can really get into someone and hurt them deeply. And no one deserves that, so I prefer to remain silent and say nothing. As soon as I open my mouth because someone challenges me and really crosses the line, he sees woe. And then I can't control myself anymore and I blurt out, which is better not to do. That's why I prefer to keep quiet.

Yes, watch out for me if you think of challenging me because it doesn't end well, I'm indeed a cat, but a cat can also bite and even scratch if blowing doesn't help. But as long as you don't challenge me, everything is okay, I'm a pussy in the true sense of the word. I also forgive too quickly and like to cuddle even if it's just a teddy bear. I indeed have cats, but I can't force them to cuddle with me if they don't want to. And he gives me the love he doesn't want.

Would you like to tell me how you cope with this, write in the comment box and tell the whole world? That everyone will find their own way of dealing with it, mine is like that and I like it.

That's all for this blog. I know you liked it, so subscribe to my blog. Thanks, see you next week, hehe

See you again in a few days.

Rainbow Eve

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