Mom tells stories- Trip 8/23/2022

Today, as the title suggests, I will not be speaking. I will talk in the next post. Mom had a wonderful trip, if she goes on another one, which I have no doubt, I hope she will text me and I will be able to speak to her again.


As many times before, this trip also happened to me at the last minute when I took part in it. I'm just unpredictable.

We went on the trip on August 23 this year. We, Lithuanian women, waited for the bus at the station opposite the Sports Hall. When we boarded the bus, we drove across Bogenšperk to Dolenjska, past Šentvida near Stična to Muljava. There, the guide led us around Jurčič's birthplace. There she told us everything from his birth, where the surname Jurčič comes from, to his death. She spoke so vividly that we already thought we were living in his time. But not in the 21st century. In between, we took a lot of photos, listened a lot, and rested or sat down a little. In addition to Jurčič's homestead, which is also an open-air museum, we also saw a bee apiary, a granary, a linen dryer, an old well, and the so-called Krjavlje's hut. In addition to former farm life, the museum presents Jurčič's life and work.

From here, we drove a little lower to Muljava, where we entered the Plavica herbalist's pharmacy run by the well-known herbalist Jože Majes. Here we bought various creams, teas, soaps, candies, oils, and tinctures from multiple herbs. But I didn't understand that what you buy there has a price of around 15 euros. It does not matter whether it is small or large or dense or sparse. Everything is 15 euros (except for some exceptions) as if they don't even know other prices.

After that, we drove to a popular hiking spot above Stična - Lavričevo koča in Gradišče, where lunch was already waiting for us (Borja + flanking). From here there is a wonderful view of the nearby and distant surroundings. Here we also saw the church of St. Nicholas and exhibited wooden sculptures created by sculptors with chainsaws.

With full bellies and full, we drove to Višnja gora to the Carniolan Bee House.

The famous old school in Višnja gora has become an educational labyrinth inspired by the Carniola lavender. The ticket to the world of bees is a unique experiential exhibition with virtual heroes and members of the famous Rothschutz beekeeping family from Višnja gora. We listened to Filip in Travnik, explored the wonderful world of bees and Emil's entrepreneurial ventures in the Laboratory, and discovered the beneficial effects of honey in the Kitchen together with Antonia. We got to know the world of bees at the experiential exhibition through multimedia content, and a special experience is a visit to real glass beehives in which live bees from Carniola live.

When we finished the exciting and informative tour of the bees and their life, we went to their shop downstairs and bought various products from honey to various creams and lip balms. We were returning across the square in Višnja gora, where there is an old well. The users from Zasavje splashed themselves with water there and behaved like children because they were a little wet. We also took the last group photo there.

Then we drove across Bogenšperk back to Litija and Zasavje full of beautiful impressions from the trip.

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