The meaning of a true friend

Today I will tell you the story of how I learned the meaning of a true friend.

Unfortunately, not everyone experiences this, so I thought I'd share it with you, maybe it will come in handy.

My story took place one year in Savudrija. I was around 12-14 years old.

Savudrija is a really beautiful seaside town and I have been there many times.

Let me go back to the story, so I was there and I had lice, which of course I hid, but unfortunately I was discovered.

So I had to tell my two friends (whom I just met) that I have them. This puts new friends on the line. And to come to terms with the fact that no one will like me until the end of the vacation.

So I was in the room when one of my two new friends came and I fell into a deep and very long cry. I felt sorry for my friends, as it was very difficult to find them at that time. So I cry for a while and I can't say what happened.

But somehow my friend convinces me and I tell her, and I start crying again. Then I say to her, come on, it's easy to go, I know you don't want to throw lice and I'll understand. Then she says "I really don't want her, but I'm your friend and I won't leave". That's when I cried again, this time from happiness (I'm crying a little even now as I write, I got absorbed in this story again).

I realized the true meaning of friendship and from then on I know what it means to be someone's friend and also what it's like when someone is your friend.

Of course, there are also friends who are not like that and just take advantage of you. I'm used to it myself and I've experienced it before, but I don't take it too seriously anymore, it doesn't make sense.

If someone doesn't think you're cool and they don't think you're okay, then that's their problem, there's no point in trying to whitewash your head.

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See you again in a few days.

Rainbow Eve

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