Everything happens for a reason!

Today I will talk about when we humans start to ask ourselves why certain things happen or why not. But then we are in a dilemma and after a while we find out why it happened (some reasons we never discover). Most of the reasons, however, very quickly or after some time.

I myself believe that everything happens for a reason and just the right time. Yes, I know, now you will say that this is not true because it comes when it is not the right time. I think so too, but with time we all experience that this thing happened when it had to after all. If you believe that everything happens for a reason, then you also believe in fate and NOT in coincidences.

 I realized this myself a few years ago, when I realized why I was in the front row and opposite the singer at a friend's concert. And why did she mention a place near me???? Why did she also mention part of my topic from my performance???? Why did she do that at her concert???? Maybe because she wanted to tell me that I really am a special part of her story. Ever since we met and I think the whole concert was about her story, but luckily those who don't know her that well don't know that he was talking about her. I found this out about a month after the concert. And it really made me happy, that was the key reason I would make everyone happy.

I thought that a few years ago, 3 years ago to be exact. Turns out my thoughts were wrong and that wasn't it. Still, I think it could still be possible, but she hasn't admitted it to herself yet. Maybe you will someday. In any case, it was a great experience and a really great concert.

I am really happy that I realized that everything that is happening to me is basically exactly what should be happening to me, because this is my destiny. But sometimes I wish I knew how it all ends and what is still waiting for me. Everyone finds out when the time comes.

Has something like this ever happened to you????

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Rainbow Eve

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