How to have confidence?

Today I will talk about self-confidence and how I gained it myself. What did I do and what did I possibly change or stop doing (so that now I started to live better than before when I didn't have it).

When I didn't have it, I spent most of the time wondering what others thought of me. Because of this, I have often thought that I am not okay with people the way I am. Murder didn't even like me the way I was.

I needed a change!!!

I saw my future in a certain person and accepted the fact that if I don't want to become like that person.

I mean sad and depressed most of the day. I don't think anyone wants to be and???

After a few months, the solution came from a person who showed me how to be happier and stop worrying too much about my own thoughts about how nobody likes me.

I was more confident, I laughed even when I was sad, and started to enjoy life more.

Now that I think about what I was and what I am now, I am glad that I have changed. I changed my view of the world and my surroundings. I understood that no one is perfect and at the same time he is. Everyone is perfect in their own way and that's okay. I also accepted the fact that if you think well of yourself, you will also be good to others.

If you value yourself, others will too (and some parents may never, but don't let that get you down, it doesn't matter, fight for what you feel you have to).

By chance, I don't mean character, but simply thoughts and beliefs about who and what you are. And also what others think, yes, some people will not like you, but there will always be people who hate you, so don't say how they don't like you, but when they tell you 10,000 times that it's not true, start believing them!!!!

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Rainbow Eve

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