My Christmas customs Blogmas#1

Welcome to my first blog post. This is the only time of the year when I publish a new post every day from today until 12/24/2022. I know you'll like it, so save the link and stay tuned.

Today I will list 5 of my Christmas traditions:

 Every year I get an advent calendar: I didn't have one this year, but I still got it elsewhere as a gift (it always gets to me somehow)

 I drink a lot of tea; Every year at this time, I drink tea because it's warm and warms you up, but if it's Christmas, it conjures up the feeling of the holidays even more.

 I watch Christmas movies; I'm looking for inspiration to write stories and such

 Spruce; Christmas without a tree is not a real Christmas

 Snow: If there was no Christmas then there is no real Christmas. I like to observe the snowy landscape. It makes me feel like I'm living in a movie.

 I make Christmas cards: It's very creative and imaginative, I always use most of the junk I have lying around the house.

 Making a Christmas wreath: I used to do this with my eyes when I was little, I really loved it.

 Skating: I like to skate in the winter, it also makes me feel like it's Christmas.

 Viewing the Christmas lights: I like to see the lights in the city, it's cold but at the same time it's very nice because I feel so happy and everything is magical when the lights are shining above you.

 Writing Blogmas; It's my first time this year and I have to admit I'm really enjoying it. Yes, it's very tiring and sometimes I don't have ideas, but with the help of improvisation (that means I sit down in front of the computer and start writing, I publish what comes out) somehow I manage.

So that concludes today's post see you again tomorrow!

                                                                Rainbow Eve

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