Fun games on a snow day Blogmas#5

Today is the fifth day of blogmass.

If we're lucky, there will soon be snow and thus snow games. It just snowed here today and it's still falling, I can't wait to be able to go outside and surprise the cats or eyes from some corner.

 Who doesn't love snow???

I know we all don't like the cold, but snow is still cool to me.

Here are some fun snow game ideas:

1. Make a beautiful snowman: You can play the game "who makes a snowman faster and more beautiful" with your family, you can play in pairs or individually. Then determine the winner and the prize (eg an extra cup of hot chocolate or more cocoa nibs).

2. Bathing with snow: Who doesn't love that? Build your base out of snow, then bathe with your family and enjoy.

3. Aiming at a target: You can have a target that you aim with snowballs. This is how I play at home with fallen apples (in spring or summer). When I'm angry, I throw them as high as possible on the roof or right into the compost bin I have in front of the house. It helps me get rid of my anger. In winter, she could use only snow for this. Sometimes the snow is so dry that it disperses during the flight and creates a truly beautiful scene.

4. Igloos: When I was little, I always loved making igloos. During the winter, unfortunately, everything melted and there was not much left of them. If I wasn't an only child, I would definitely do it again. Maybe this year I'll be able to convince my father to make it again.

5. Traces: Do you know what trace your shoe sole has??? No, me neither. Every time I step into fresh snow, I refresh my memory. This is the craziest thing I really like to do. I walk in the snow and make tracks with my feet. It's really a lot of fun.

These were 5 ideas for a snow day. I hope it will snow soon for you too.

See you again tomorrow! Until then, have a nice day.

 Rainbow Eve

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