how do I manage to think of nothing? Blogmas#6


Today is a new day, and with that comes a new post.

What is written in the title is absolutely true! I manage to forget everything and completely clear my head. I mean nothing. How do I do this? I somehow know how to focus on what I'm doing. All my thoughts are directed towards it and I manage to simply "drive" disturbing factors away. It sounds crazy and practically impossible in this world, but it's not. If I can do it, you can too!

I myself have some tips for you, how to switch off and not think about anything. Let's look at them.

Take a break: Lie down and close your eyes and quietly say to yourself: "Don't think about anything!" Soon you really won't either. Repeat this exercise several times. You can also take 10-15 minutes and fall asleep.

Point: Concentrate on just one point and try to relax. That way you can manage to think about nothing.

A real power point.

Listen to music: Turn on the radio and listen to it or play your favorite song on YouTube. This way you will divert your thoughts to the music and nothing else.

Series: Watch a good series for 1-2 hours a day after 1-2 episodes. It can be on netflix or hbo may or Disney+ or tv. You will be so engrossed in the action of the series that you will not study anything except the actors and what is happening on the screen. This method often helps me when I have eye problems. Watching it really relaxes me and I get new ideas with the help of the series I watch.

Movie: Watch a good movie.

Animals: If you have a pet at home, you can pet it, play with it or take it for a walk (if it's a dog) to relax. If he falls asleep like this, just pet him a little and you'll feel better right away. Believe me, it really helps.

Nature - a walk: When I have a headache or need to clear my mind, I go outside for fresh air. Even for 10-20 minutes it is quite enough. Of course, you can go for a longer period of time.

All of the above really help me switch off and not think about anything. It is also useful for relieving stress. ;)

That concludes today's post, see you again tomorrow!!

                                                                Rainbow Eve

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