How to relax after a busy day Blogmas#8

Today I'm going to tell you some things I do by myself when I get home from the city or school.

I usually eat a pre-made lunch first or cook it myself.

Then I sit down for about 15-30 minutes and during this time I check social networks to give my legs a little rest. Then I usually study and write my homework, that is between 3 and 4 in the afternoon (sometimes earlier). Now I don't have classes (school) anymore, but the first part remains the same. Rent first!

Then I watch TV or some series on my phone and end the day in a leisurely way.

These are my tips for relaxation. Now I'm going to see if there's anything else clever on the internet that might be useful for you and me.

Go to nature:

Get a breath of fresh air. Listen to the birds singing and relax.

Read a book:

I'm not much of a book guy, so it's not exactly relaxing for me.
Reading and nature together, what could be more beautiful??

Shower or slightly longer salt bath:

Water really helps you breathe again.

Go to sleep:

A friend of mine once said that her daughter goes to sleep for 30 minutes after school and then studies easier. I think there is something to it. Trying is not a sin!!!

That's how I ended today's blogmas, see you again tomorrow!!!

Comments welcome!!!

                                                                Rainbow Eve

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