Interesting, honest, funny Blogmas#10

Today I will describe myself in three words.


I think I'm interesting because I always have some bad story and some lesson in store. I always know what a person needs and give him some good advice. I always have a funny story or incident from my everyday life.


I think I'm more brutally honest because I'm brutally honest. Just kidding. But I much prefer to be honest than to lie and then have a bad conscience. I'd rather say it straight than talk behind someone's back. If someone did that to me (they do), I'd rather see those people say things to my face than find out from others. It honestly hurts a lot less to say something to someone's face than to hear it from others. If you talk behind people's backs, you are poor and have no courage or listening to people. Say it straight, it'll be over sooner.


I mentioned earlier that I have a lot of funny stories in stock. Yes, I really know how to put people in a good mood. Some people say I'm funny and have a sense of humor, yes maybe I do. I really appreciate and respect that about myself. But sometimes I start to tease my eyes or my cat, hehe. He never laughs too much and is even healthy.

That's how we've come to the end of this post, if you're interested, write in a comment and subscribe, we'll see you again tomorrow.

                                                                Rainbow Eve

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