Is blogging going to die out? Blogmas#22

Today I'm going to talk about blogging as a good source of income. Let me start at the very beginning. There are many people on the Internet who do not believe that blogging can be profitable. I do not understand why this is so difficult to understand. Why should it be absolutely impossible to make money from a blog? I myself am of the opinion that it is definitely possible. Blogging is important to me because people express their feelings, opinions and interests about certain things through their blogs. 

In short, why do you think blogging is so unprofitable?? I really don't understand. But I can tell you the reason why I think blogging is much better than, for example, making videos and things like that. Blogging is text writing in itself. So nothing special. But here's the rub. A lot of people like to read because it's the only way to be in their own world and not be confined to their everyday life. What I mean to say is that reading opens up 1001 fantasy worlds. Because every reader experiences the same book in his or her own way. Isn't that so?? 

If we start from that fact, I think that is why blogging will never die out. Because people are searching more and more on the Internet. That's why you or someone else accidentally stumbled upon my blog, because you were Googling the words blogging, making money, blogmas, getting over ... And that's how you landed on it. That's how it goes. If you like what you read, you will come back to this page again and again. Soon you realise that your friend might also like it, and then they too pass it on, and the circle goes on and on. That's how blogging works. 

It is a network without end. It's true that you might think you won't share what you read with others. Don't panic at all, but someone else will. And then it will go on. For example, in history, folk tales have always gone from word of mouth to word of mouth, and then someone finally decided to write them down. So you don't need to pass it on, leave it to those who really like it.  

If you are interested in anything, write to me in the comments and I will answer you. We are reading again tomorow!!