Patience Blogmas#12


Today is a very special post. Because it will also be a bit educational and definitely something new. You haven't seen this on my blog before. I know you will love it as much as I do! Let's get started!

A while ago I was rummaging around my room and in a hidden corner of my drawer I found a Bim Bam magazine. It's a Slovenian magazine for children.  Bim Bam is a children's magazine and it was very popular when I was a little girl. In addition to the magazine, you also got a CD with educational content and games. The magazine is similar to Ciciban and Pilo (also Slovenian), two magazines that children enjoy reading nowadays. It's a bit of a mix of the two, except that you can also learn a few words of English and German from Bim Bam.

It was in this magazine that I found a wonderful story about patience, so I will use it in this post. I really enjoyed reading this story. But I will try to present it as similar as possible to what is done in the magazine. 

On the hill, it grew tall . And underneath it, between 

and  lived  . He had not seen much of the world, so he decided to travel. He lay for days, but he was still among  and

. "It's not right that I can't see the world because I'm slow!" he complained. It was : "Where would I like to go, ?" "Somewhere to see the world! Among  and  I can't see anything." 

 advised him. "Come down here, from my. I can see far and wide!"  summoned all his courage and started climbing. He climbed for a long time, for a whole month. Very close to  was already there.  told him:

"Just a little more and you'll be among the ". was glad and hurried. But because he was not used to speed, he slipped. He fell between  and . "If

I had more patience, I would see the world now!" Told him .

So the moral of the story is that you have to be patient, otherwise you will never get anything done. My dream is to one day make a living from my blog. Of course, I have managed to do that, but for now I am not yet earning enough to survive. I know that I am almost there, so I am still persevering. Every day I look for new solutions to get to what I really want. I have the feeling that I am missing as much as it took a snail to get to the canopy. Maybe even a week more than it took to reach the canopy.

I hope you found the story as interesting and informative as I did. If you would like to read another one like it, just let me know and I will be happy to share it with you. Write to me in the comments. 

So that concludes today's post see you again tomorrow!

                                                                Rainbow Eve

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