Pimples from my corner -Time for me

Today I'm going to talk about pimples, because some people still don't understand why they don't bother me. 

Let me start by saying that, although my pimples bother me, I know why they are there. Do they have a purpose for appearing everywhere or what????

Why then do so many people mind that I have them only not me. Every 3rd person I meet tells me to get rid of them. But what they don't know is that if I put some cleansing stuff on my face, what happens????? I have more pimples and only when they are all gone can I have clear skin. But it is also true that I do not like what helps. Maybe it's because I don't stick with it long enough and then it doesn't change much. 

And why can people who have pimples all over their face or just one pimple somewhere that one in 100 people sees be ugly and pimple-ridden and less worthy????

I really do NOT understand this and it honestly bothers me. Of course I could have chemo on me( make up) but I don't like chemo on me so that's out. I like to be natural and if anyone looks at girls only on their looks and how they have a nice make up then they will soon realise that most girls some when they take off all the chemistry look completely different than they would with it( I am targeting Chinese people but I don't mean anything bad). 

But then isn't it better to be natural and see a person as they are in carater and appearance. It doesn't give you a real look then. ( I will make a difference between Make up and without how I see it not how I look) But it is true that some people don't look completely different but just more beautiful. I'm not saying that such people are bad, I'm just saying that I prefer to look natural myself. 

I honestly don't have a problem with my pimples, but if it bothers someone it's his/her problem NOT mine and not yours. Pimples are just a sign that you are changing and that is not going to change. No matter what, that's why you really don't need to hide them. Be who you are, that's what counts the most. 

If you are interested in anything else, just say the word. Hehe I hope you enjoyed reading it I enjoyed writing it.

That was it for today, we'll read it all again in 4 days.