The challenge of a day without internet Blogmas#15

 Today I have a day with no or very little internet use. Because we have some interference and I don't have wifi, so I read a book most of the day. But when the internet comes back I will write a post here about why it is good to be without the internet sometimes and what to do then.

This is a story from a few years ago. But it is still very relevant today. 

So my wifi is back so the following is a post about what to do when there is no internet. I'll list 10 things you can do when you don't have it or when you want to challenge yourself to spend a day without it. I'm sure you'll find it very useful and you can report back to me in the comments or on instagram I'd love to hear how you get on. Invite a friend and challenge him/her, do the challenge together why be alone if you don't have to. Well I challenge all of you reading this to do it for the weekend.

Read a good book; I'm reading a book; Get up at 5 and the world will be your oyster.

ook lunch instead of your parents: Be creative and cook a good lunch that you would know how to make and believe me your parents will thank you. Or make some biscuits or cakes. And have a little snack with the family. And play a game along the way.

If you have a good imaginatio
n, then write a story; think of characters and their personalities, a place, a town or a village and so on so you know exactly what to write. You will surely forget that you don't have the internet.

Go for a walk; Breathe the air and enjoy nature, you never know who you will meet on the way.

ur in colouring books; It's very relaxing in a way that will only benefit you rather than be a burden. My mum does this a lot and a few days ago I showed her the magic of the bar and she was really impressed/fascinated. It's crazy what someone can come up with for someone to make something that has no meaning interesting. Play a bit with colours it's a lot of fun.

Play board games with the family; it's always fun and not boring. Invite your friends and play together. I guarantee you will forget that there is no internet.

Go out to the playground; Play there the more you are the more fun it is. But I know that each of us knows some games that don't need any gadgets( chasing, hiding,...).

Get creative; Take a plain piece of paper and make something out of it, add glitter and make a nice souvenir or gift for someone. Make something you know how to do or something you don't( more of a challenge).

Draw; Some people like to draw things, maybe you are a creative person too, you must have at least a little talent.

Sew; Ask your grandmother or mother how to sew and sew your own rags for a change, if nothing else at least you won't need to go to a seamstress when you grow up. Believe me, you won't get bored.
Everything I have listed today I did when I was little and still do sometimes. I have always enjoyed it immensely, so I am sure you will too. I wish you a lot of joy and creativity in this challenge, and if you take it up I will be very happy indeed. I will definitely do it again one day. And of course I will report back to you.

That's how I got to the end of today's post. I know you took a lot away from it, because I did too, so I know it will be very supportive and even more helpful. See you again tomorrow!