The true meaning of Christmas is disappearing! Why? Blogmas#16

 Today is a new Blogmass day. There is too much technology these days, which is good and useful, but at some point even harmful to us. That is why the meaning of a real Christmas seems to be fading. There is a feeling that we have all forgotten what Christmas actually means. I can remember that myself. 

The charm of Christmas is in the atmosphere and the warmth.

December is the month of the three good men and the festive days. Christmas is one of them.

But it seems to me that the real meaning of Christmas is slowly being lost nowadays - especially among the younger generation, but I also notice it among the older generation. Originally, Christmas was a pagan holiday. That was when the sun started to move north again, and the old civilisations marked this as the rebirth of the sun god. Later, the Christian religion marked the day as the birth of Jesus Christ, and the Christmas tree did not make its first appearance in Germany until the 16th century. The first Christmas tree is believed to have been erected in Ljubljana in 1845. Today, most of the younger generation no longer even know the meaning of this holiday. For the older generations, however, this has somehow been lost as technology has come to the fore.


Nobody talks about where they were or how they were. Unfortunately, I notice that children in Slovenia are too materialistic. Already parents dress them in the most expensive brands, buy them whatever they want... Children are becoming more and more demanding, and those who do not have clothes of reputable brands start to be scolded and humiliated. Some do not even think that they could be happy, maybe even happier, without all these brands and things. That is why, especially around the holidays, more should be said about this. The charm of Christmas, after all, is in the atmosphere, the warmth and the relationships, not in the presents.

The atmosphere

Christmas is fundamentally a family holiday, so it is best spent with your loved ones. It can be spent at home, baking cookies and cakes, decorating the Christmas tree, setting up the nativity scene, Christmas dinner... It is also a wonderful experience to walk around the decorated white Ljubljana, the snow-covered Tivoli, to slip around Congress Square, to see the nativity scene in a church, to attend midnight mass, and thus to experience the warm and cosy festive atmosphere for yourself. I myself love to see the festive displays and lights. It gives a real meaning to December. I also like to go ice-skating, although I am honestly not very good at it. Skating is a kind of must in December, without skating there is no December and there is no winter and there is no Christmas, at least not for me. All this makes December what it should be for me.

All text is from the Internet. But there will be many posts coming, which will be my personal confessions. 

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