Why do we decorate the Christmas tree? Blogmas#3

Yesterday I was looking for a new idea for a post. Somehow I asked myself two interesting questions:

1. Do we all know how snow is made???

2. Why the hell do we decorate the Christmas tree or spruce???

The answer is just around the corner.

Here it is:

Knowledge about the special energy effect of trees, which our ancestors knew how to use for the benefit of their health and well-being, has been preserved since ancient times. Myths and legends with their symbolism, in addition to preserved oral traditions and customs, come from the experience of peoples who interpreted the power of trees as the work of forest spirits and deities. The customs associated with trees thus became part of the ritual and also of everyday life. Some of them have been preserved until today, with their meaning often moving away from their original meaning throughout history and given a different message through ideological transformation. A typical example of changed symbolism is the fir tree, which, as a Christmas and New Year's tree, gives an inkling of some deeper and mysterious meaning, but ideological influence has alienated it from its original meaning and power. The Encyclopaedia Britannica states: “Worship of the tree was common among the pagan Europeans and continued even after their conversion to Christianity. It has been preserved in various rituals and customs, including the custom of placing a Christmas tree in front of or inside the house during the winter holidays.

I can say that it is quite interesting and I was positively surprised.

So that concludes today's post see you again tomorrow!

                                                                Rainbow Eve

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