Bold words and questions

Today I will talk about words and issues that do not say much to me. 

Nice: Why does that sound like someone doesn't care?? To me it says that you are not very interested in the matter and you do not want to tell me directly. However you turn the word (niceooooo, niceo, ...) it still seems to be a word of boredom and it's no fun to say it. Since I'm interested in what the word means in Slovene, I'll look it up in the SSKJ (Slovene dictionary). So ... Beautifully is an adverb from beautifully and is used e.g. in this sense: a wound heals beautifully. The word "beautifully" never stands on its own, so it sounds flat to me.

Am: I had a lot of trouble with this word. I catch myself many times when I write it or say it. I try to do it as little as possible. But it tells me that someone doesn't know what to say ... so they say it.  

What are you doing?: This is the question we ask when we don't know what else to ask. Most of the time we don't ask it because we are being polite to someone and it is the right thing to do. Personally, I find it very annoying because I thought it was a very personal question and actually who cares "what do I do"?? And you always get the same answer to that, e.g. nothing, I watch TV or dc's. How do I get a new topic of conversation out of this??? Best to just end the conversation!!!

 Oh; What do you want to say??? Is that the same as yes? I really don't understand that word. There is no point in you writing it to me. Thank you 

These are words that get on my nerves and are butthurt to me. Of course, I still read them many times and ask you if you can avoid them. Thank you. I certainly want to avoid them. 

If you have a word you don't like or that gets on your nerves, please write it in a comment!!!

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