Today I am going to talk about the fact that most people are brainwashed. 

Yes, literally. I recently saw a Tik Tok video which was in English. In it, it was said that we humans (or most humans) are sheep. Especially people who tell us to go to school and get an education so that we will have a good salary. Then we can buy a house and wait for a pension that may never come. Yes, I know. It sounds right, but it is actually wrong. 


The fact is that people with a Master's degree don't get jobs!!! There simply are not, and there are not, so many jobs in the world that every citizen can have one. And preferably even the one he wants. No, it doesn't. You get what you get. I will tell you my experience, I had connections and I wanted to go to work for several companies, but despite my connections I was not accepted. The fact is that people want you to give 1000%. You go above and beyond. You are working for someone else. Now ask yourself, do you really want that kind of life???? I don't want it. That means, of course, that I am resisting my uncle and most people in this world because I am still on welfare. I understand. It's horrible!!! But I'd much rather have 400 euros a month than 1000 euros and work for someone who doesn't care about me. I prefer to work for myself!!!

I write this blog for myself and for you, of course, but first of all for myself, because sometimes what I write helps me too. It's good that my artwork helps me too. Crazy!!! But why would someone give 1000% of themselves ???? For someone who doesn't care?? For another person who means nothing to him??? Who will never be friends??? Why??? Instead of giving 1000% to a person who doesn't care, isn't it easier to give it all to yourself and make your dreams come true??? If you said that you would rather give 1000% to someone you don't care about, you are brainwashed. Unfortunately, you are not the only one, there are many. I know, it sounds crazy and it doesn't go to my head, so I'm not a sheep!!! I do what I like and what answers to me!!! Not what I would do to my uncle or my family. 

I will tell you a story of my friend. He is at the faculty. He says that it is killing him and he is mentally sick from studying for the fax. He is fed up, he would like to quit, but his sister and his mother won't let him. I think it's better for him to quit the fax and concentrate on the things he wants to do. Of course, I understand his parents. I would have stood up to them and made sure that I was happy. I would like to tell you not to be a sheep and follow your dreams!!! Yes, you will need a lot more time and energy. Think about it, is living your dream worth it? I think it is. 

That's all for today, we will read again in 4 days. If you are interested in anything, write to me in the comments and I will answer you. See you next time, until then, be great and don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter.

So, we've come to the end of today's post. I hope you enjoyed it and will continue to read my blog. ;)