Today I will talk about dreams. They are something very important in our lives. 

I am not talking about the dreams we have at night, but I am talking about them to some extent. 

I am talking about our wishes for the future. We call these dreams later, but they are really wishes that we have. I, for example, would like to become a good amateur actress. Or at least be somewhere close to the theatre and the stage. I feel safe there and I always relax. It's funny though, when I'm not on stage I'm nervous for those who are and I want to be on stage myself. But when I'm on stage, of course I'm nervous for myself and when I'm on stage I really try to have fun and enjoy myself. But maybe one day I won't be able to do that anymore. 

But I'll do everything I can to make sure that doesn't happen, so I'd like to get back on stage to show what I can do that I haven't had the chance to do before. 

I never dreamed that, but it's a dream. Well, that's really my biggest wish. Why don't I go to AGRFT???? 

The answer goes like this: I know there are 10 new actors a year and we have nowhere to take them. But there are a lot of actors in the theatre who have never done college. They are not professional actors, but they are excellent actors, so I would like to prove myself and try out for a more serious role. Until now I have been involved in a different kind of theatre than we know. Yes, I would like to try myself in this theatre. To see where I am and how good I really am. 

Dreams are a really important part of life why???? Because if we follow our dreams we follow the right path. It's also called listening to your heart. Yes your desires manifest themselves in the form of what your heart says and that is always the right path. Think about not following your dreams. 

What happens to you in your body???? 

Yes, that's what a tunnel without light is like, isn't it? 

Yes exactly, but if you have one big wish=Dream=Speak of the heart. And all of a sudden the light shows up. 

I know that along the way we come across many many obstacles of one kind and another but if we follow our dreams=heart all the effort is worth it. And that is somehow the meaning of life, following the dream=heart. What do you think about this am I right or maybe I am wrong???? 

What is your greatest wish or dream???? Write to me in the comments or in the zs.

See you again in 4 days.