It starts with friendship!!

 I decided a while ago not to look for a boyfriend. Why not, because I just want to meet new people and get a best friend. If something more comes out of the friendship later on, that's just a plus.

My friend can be anyone no matter the years. But if you're over 30, don't expect anything more to happen because it won't. So get that out of your head. 

I made this decision because I like to meet new people anyway and it takes a lot longer to trust. I like to take time for that kind of thing. We all know that trust doesn't come overnight, unfortunately. You have to take the time to do that. 

I will take it because I don't want to have a boyfriend or a partner who I don't like and who will just take advantage of me. Enough of that!!! If I never get a suitable boy friend I will never have children or a husband so what am I better off on my own than having someone else on my hump who I really don't need. 

I have told you many times that I have adopted two children my mother 54 years and my father 64 years. 

Anyone who would like to meet me, please contact me!!! but only those under 30 years of age, in the key with 30 years. Anything above you don't need unless you would just stay friends. 

I thought the post would be longer but it looks like it won't be so I am ending it with that thought. Going too slow too fast can only get you into a brick wall. 

See you again in a few days. Don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter!

Rainbow Eva