Little things make a big world

 Today I will talk about what means a lot to me. For me, as you probably already know, it's the little things that count. That is to say, if I get €10, I'm happy with it. Because I realise that my parents don't have that much money, so I don't force them to buy me anything that costs a lot of money, or that has any monetary value at all. But if they make me something by hand and with a lot of love I am very happy. Even if I don't get any money afterwards. 

I think there are a lot of people in the world who don't understand that small things are actually big. If you look at the rich. They have everything their heart desires. They do not have the joy of finally saving enough for a week's holiday on the Slovenian coast. Because they can really go wherever they want, whenever they want. Logically, they do not enjoy it. Like us who come from poorer families, we usually look forward to it all year round. 

I have always looked forward to holidays and the sea. But my holidays away from the sea ended pretty badly the 2 times I went with my family ( mum and dad). Out of the 3 times we went together. 

Let me tell you:

The first one was in Koper we were in a student dorm, because I was there last summer(2019), so I recognized the rooms. Anyway, we went for 3-4 days and ended up staying there for only 3 days.  Oh I almost forgot they promised us that the room would overlook the ships that dock in the harbour in the morning. Of course, nothing came of it in the end because this home is not even near the harbour.

While we were there, my grandfather called us ( yes, that stupid grandfather) and told us that a storm was forecast. As we were in the car we were of course scared for him. So we packed up and started our journey home the same day. When we arrived, he saw on TV how the cars had been tossed around that day. So our car remained undamaged. 

The second one happened a few years later.

We went to a family gathering in Portorož. We were supposed to be there for 7 days. It was really crazy I always had older girlfriends/boyfriends. I never connected with kids my own age. They were always either older or younger. Never the same or similar age as me.

Well yeah we were there for a few days and my grandma calls us. She says it's going to hail and of course we pack up and leave again that day. My mother met a friend there who told her how terrible it was there. 

So our car was again undamaged. I could say that we have always been lucky in an accident. 

Why am I now telling stories from the sea when I was a child???? Because I think it's really important for you to know. I come from a poor family myself and we really struggled to afford those holidays, but I really looked forward to them, even though they always ended badly.

Well, once it didn't, but I didn't remember that holiday Oops. So by the time I was 10 we only went on holiday 3 times.

But after I came into the home I went another 50x, that's a significant difference, I could afford a lot more because that money didn't come from my parents but I'm grateful to have experienced it. I know what it is like to be rich and poor. I don't wish that on anyone. So, according to common sense and the saying "He who is not content with a little is not worth much". 

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