10 facts about me - Time for me

 Today I'm going to tell you some more interesting things about myself that I'm sure you didn't know. 

If I had a best friend, she would describe my career as: cat She is kind, reliable, and loves to help. But when you make her angry, she first shows her teeth, then her claws, and if that doesn't work, she might bite you. 

I like myself: yes I am a bit more abundant, but why is that bad?? I think that's great!

I'm learning to code: I've been immersed in learning for the last few months. I like it because it's kind of like solving problems in a more fun way. If I still get stuck, I also look at youtube. I'm looking for more English resources, which I then translate into Slovenian and understand more easily (if you're interested in this, please write to me and I'll be happy to help). 

I have a blog in Slovenian. 

My favourite colour is yellow: It is like the sun and has its own meaning. 

I love the sun: I have always loved to take pictures of the sun, sunrise, sunset, it has nothing to do with the sun itself or animals or anything that I can't explain. 

I like books: I also have a problem with books because I can't read them anyway. I don't know why. I always get distracted by something else and then I can't read them. Or I just get bored. I much prefer to read magazines or blogs on my phone or computer. And, of course, all the content on the net. 

I love mysteries and I love discovery: crime, comedy, mysteries, discovery, treasure hunts, etc.

I think I'm smart: Yes, I think I'm smart for a girl, my friends tell me that. I feel that way sometimes too. 

I like to help: If you have a problem and need advice I'm available 24/7, just don't expect me to be there right away. I will when I can have a life of my own. So don't think I'll answer as soon as you write. It may happen but you never know. But rest assured that I will reply on the rare occasion I forget. 

So, now you know 10 new things about me. Maybe it was helpful for you to get to know me. Learning about what you would like to do or try. If you're interested in anything, drop me a comment and I'll reply and repost. I don't know how to reply to comments. But I will learn soon. As soon as I know how to program and code, I'm afraid it's not the same but I'm not sure. 

See you again next time, until then be great and don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter.