A new hobby to take up right away!

Since this is a hobby blog, it's time to tell you about some hobbies you can start right away!!

1. Knitting: I've been learning to knit myself for a few years now. I've been knitting for a few years. I like it but soon my finger starts to hurt and I have to stop. So I don't do it often. 

2. Sew: Sewing is the law, because that way you don't have to ask your grandma or your mum to sew it, whatever you tear because you were careless in a sport or while walking home. If you can do it yourself, that's great, and in time you might realise that you could be a fashion designer or stylist. 

3. Learning to code: I'm learning to code, as you already know. It takes a really long time to learn but it's worth it. It takes a long time to learn enough to be able to make your first app or your first website. Trust me I've been learning it for about a year now and I'm still 1/20 of what I can learn. I say slow goes a long way. 

4. Photography: Take pictures of your pets, it's always fun. Watch the angle, the light and make sure the thing you are aiming at is in focus in the picture. And have lots of fun. 

5. Reading: Read books, this will improve your English or Slovenian vocabulary depending on the language. I always liked to read ciciban when I was younger. Even after I grew up. It helped me a lot with my imagination and vocabulary. 

6. Colouring: It's really great to relax 2 days ago I was colouring after a long time and it was really great. I resisted at first but then I gave in. It helps to tame anger or just relax. 

That'll be all for today we read again in 4 days!  Don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter and confirm your gmail!!!