Coping with difficulties

 This phrase (We should be grateful for all the problems we don't have) reminded me of an event that took place some time ago. A friend of my father's told me that I had no problems. I don't know why he said that, but he was definitely wrong. 

The story starts when he came to me and asked me and my father to take something from his house. Because he has sold it himself and he can empty it. 

Why does he think I don't have a problem?? Because he sold the house before he emptied it. Yeah, he tells himself he's clever. But I think he's stupid because if he was really smart then he would have emptied the house slowly first and then sold it empty. He would have less problems, less stress, less worries and less pressure. No, instead he says I have no problems. 

Not that I worry about little things every day and I have a lot of worries and problems with myself, but where are my eyes and my mother and my grandmother????

In short, I am happy for all the problems I don't have. 

You could be glad you don't have them too. Just think what you would get out of life. I don't tell you much. It is best to focus on your life and your problems. They are best solved because they are ours and we know them or we have to solve them. The problems of others are best left alone and perhaps given some advice to the person if you have ever faced this or a similar problem. Otherwise, give the person support and ideas on how to solve the problem rather than solving it for them. 

Believe me, they know the situation well and you are just an observer and therefore you don't know it that well. 

I say to you, always focus on your own problems. Leave the stranger alone and you can be very helpful with support and conversation. 

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So, we have come to the end of today's post. I hope you liked it and will continue to read my blog. ;)