Hair on the legs

Do you know that feeling when you can go out and not worry about how you look and what other people think of you??


Neither do I, but I still try to be who I am. 

I don't know if you know but I don't like to shave very much( some people( most people) find it disgusting). I don't care because I respect and love my hair. I know it sounds so not normal but I care. Hair is simply a part of me and there is no changing that. 

In the old days they didn't shave at all. And nobody looked at them funny. Why is this happening today????

Where is the point???? Can you explain it to me???? Why all the drama about hair and pimples????

I really don't understand. I really don't understand. But am I really the only one who thinks that hair is there for a reason and has a function. We remove them for some reason to make ourselves look more beautiful or more attractive???? Or whatever???? 

But can you imagine going out and having a relationship with someone( yes in bed) and just because your legs are so smooth you can't have a normal relationship because your legs are slipping out of your hands all the time.????? I can't imagine that because I have hair where you can stand up and have some stability and your feet don't slip. 

Why such drama??? 

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  1. Nothing wrong with body hair, but I find the paragraph which implies you can't have a sexual intercourse because a lack of body hair on her legs cause them to slip out of his hands, very funny at least.
    Well, majority of sexual positions don't require holding her legs. And even then, it's quite easy to hold smooth skin without slipping. Babies don't have any body hair, yet we don't see them falling from their mother's hands.

    However, there is something about your body hair. If he will love you, he won't bother about your body hair :)


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