I don't know what this is all about, so I looked it up on the internet.

This is what wikipedia says: 

Kárma is a term denoting the esoteric meaning of the causes and effects that follow every action. Karma encompasses basically everything we do, have done and will do. It is about actions in the past, present and future. The actions we do today determine our future. The actions we have done in the past determine our present.

The law of karma

The "Law of Karma" is a central part of Indian religions. All living beings are responsible for their karma - their actions and the consequences of their actions - and for their liberation from samsara. This concept appears already in the earliest Upanishads. According to the Vedas, there is nothing that is not alive. The law of karma therefore applies to everything that exists. Part of the law of karma, which applies to the material world, is Newton's third law of action and reaction. Karma is therefore a generalisation of Newton's third law of action and reaction to all of creation. Anyone can understand a pendulum which, after every movement in one direction, must also swing in the other, but it is more difficult to understand that all our thoughts, words and actions, and our destiny as a whole, including our existence, are also the result of our past actions.

The Essene tradition and later the Rosicrucian schools teach the "law of cause and effect/effect. But the Christian esoteric tradition adds that the essence of Christ's teaching is that the law of sin and death can be overcome by Love, which restores immortality.

Actually, I still do not understand the principle of karma. Except that it decides my life. 

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