Who is happy????

Today I will answer this question:

 Who is happy????

Happy is the one who knows how to live behind small desires. 

So the one who is content with the small. As I say a lot myself, it is the little things that count for me, the little tiny steps and some steady progress. Take it slow and follow the big dreams. 

It all starts with a single step. When we were born, we had not walked for a few years months. But we stopped and finally we walked. Only after that did we start to run, jump, go crazy, climb, ride a bike, swim, roller skate and everything else. 

But the first thing we could learn to do was to walk. Here is the proof, come on, it's true. I always say that I prefer 1 real friend to 100 fake ones. But I admit that I also like the one I don't like the most, because then I don't get bored. I don't like to be alone so I hang out with fake ones too but I don't tell them everything( secrets, and other problems). 

To find out who is a real friend and who is a fake friend, see the post The difference between a real friend and a fake friend. 

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