Habits of successful people - Motivation

Today, I am going to say what the title says. It is taken from the book: 'Get up at 5 and the world will be your oyster. 

I am writing this post today because I feel like you need a little motivation again, as I do. It seems to me that somehow we don't know what we are doing and that we can know that there is nothing wrong with us. We are all human beings and some of you are really brainwashed. Others just think that you are different and that what you are doing is wrong. It's not really right, it's do what you want to do not what other people want you to do!!! And here are 5 rules that successful people do, or so the book says. 

Distractions: addiction to distractions means the end of your creativity. Empire builders and history makers take an hour to themselves before sunrise, in a calmness unreachable by the claws of complexity, to prepare for the peak of the day.

Excuses will not breed genius: If you haven't made a habit of getting up early, don't think you can't do it now. Drop the rationalizations and remember that small daily improvements lead to surprising results if persistently worked over time.

Change: All change is difficult at the beginning, agonising in the middle and brilliant in the end. Everything that seems easy now seemed difficult at the beginning. With persistent practice, getting up at sunrise will become a habit. Something you will do without thinking.

Results: When you start living like that, most people will tell you you're crazy. Know that it is the price of greatness to be labelled a freak.

Perseverance: When you want to give up, keep going. Triumph loves the unwavering. 

I know that this has given you the motivation to do it, and it has given me motivation. You know, subscribe to the newsletter and stay up to date!!! See you again soon!