How to have a conversation - Guide

Lately I have noticed that people don't know how to talk anymore. So I decided to help you out a little and tell you some things you should know about talking. And also because I think it's really important and necessary for normal and healthy communication. The fact is that in the age of technology we have started to hide. But somehow we have forgotten who we are and that if someone insults us or is disrespectful, it is not our fault, but the fault of those on the other side. If someone doesn't like me, it's none of my business! It's my interlocutor's business, because I don't have a problem with him/her, if I do then I block someone and tell him/her so: I don't like your company and I don't need you and I hope I never see you again. Anyway, I've gotten a bit off track here is my guide to online conversations.  

1. Greetings: Always say hello at the beginning of a conversation (Hi, Hey).

2. Feeling: Ask the other person How's it going?

3. Starting a real conversation: Many people ask at this point: What are you doing? I don't do it myself, because as I said in a post a while back, after that the conversation ends, which nobody wants! So instead of (What do you do), ask about hobbies or free time. I like that best and the interlocutor will be happy too. When he/she tells you his/her hobbies, if he/she has any, ask him/her more about them or about the one that catches your eye first. Then tell the person yours and maybe he/she will like one of them, then the conversation should be able to move on.

4. Goals: If the conversation doesn't go further after hobbies, ask for goals. If the person has any (it is wise to ask this question even if the person says he/she has no hobbies). Trust me you don't want to go with a person who has neither hobbies nor goals after that let the conversation end for good. If the person says he has goals, ask him what they are. If she is going to give up something (to start a family, or to get a girlfriend/boyfriend) it means she has goals involving others and that's bad. A person who knows that she has no influence on when she gets a boyfriend/girlfriend has goals that only concern her or him (like me). Don't let that be the person's priority goal and let them have other goals that they are working towards in the course of their search. 

5. Be who you are: It is very important not to feel that you can be someone else during the conversation, always be you, if the other person is not ok with it, it is her/his business and not yours!

6. Don't be liked by everyone: I have learnt that I will never be liked by everyone and if you see in someone that you are not ok with him/her block him/her it is not worth it to be with a person who is pathetic and really doesn't waste his/her time with assholes!

There will be a part for live conversations or even how to win a girlfriend or boyfriend, if you are interested in something like that let me know in the comments! Don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter to stay up to date and don't forget to share the link to my blog, I really want it to reach as many people as possible. And you can help me by sharing it!

This was my guide on how to mentor. I think I helped you and myself by doing this. I will read it many times and wonder who wrote this so brilliantly? You do be great and we will read again soon.