I can't live without? Time for me

Today I'll tell you what the title says hehe. 

1. Wifi: If there is no wifi, there is no post, if there is no post there is no blog, if there is no blog there is no readership. 

2. Computer: It is a well-known fact that if there is no computer you are not up to date. And if you are not then you are stupid. Well, at least for today's youth. Without it I really can't play games, learn blender, learn programming and so on, in short I can't do much of anything. Same as with wifi. 

I have a computer exactly like that! 

3. Animals: Cats, to be precise. I have two awesome cats at home, which I love very much. They give me lots of love and brighten up my bad days. If it weren't for them, I would surely be extinct. It is really important for me to have at least one animal at home, so a cat. 

4. Books: I love books, but I find it hard to read them. I prefer to buy them and keep them at home, because I never know when I'll have the urge to read one. So I prefer to keep them handy. 

5. Coffee: I can do without it for a day or so, but iced coffee is not really an option. I have a lot of them every summer. 

That's how I got to the end of today's post. You've probably learned something new about me. See you again soon! Subscribe to the newsletter!! That way you'll get every post in your email inbox.