Facts about cats

Did you know that cats have a positive effect on humans? 

This is my old cat named: Bučko one. Now i have now cat named: Bučko two. 

Humans are either dog-lovers or cat-lovers. I belong to the cat-loving group and here are some reasons why I prefer cats to dogs. 

1. If I were an animal I would be a Lion: I belong to the cat group. My whole career is based on cats anyway. I am; combative, I know how to stand up for myself, I'm very crunchy, I know how to lash out at people I love, and if someone hurts me then I attack them with a blow, and if none of that works I scratch or even bite them a little bit. Yes, you have to be careful with me. 

2. They are great therapists: their spinning has been proven to be healing. There is evidence that a cat saved its owner's life (a man had cancer but it had not been discovered at the time. His cat was lying in the same place all the time and soon died. She died because she took the cancer from her owner's body and died herself, because she would rather see her die than her beloved owner.) 

3. The cat always sleeps on negative energy: Dogs prefer positive energy, which is why they almost never sleep on your lap. Cats, on the other hand, feel negative energy there and are there much more often. 

4. They are cuddly: Cats are so cuddly to me, I love petting them because I am a person who really needs a lot of love. I often say that my Siamese has more love than I am able to give of myself. Which is strange, because I have a lot of love myself and my Siamese is always ready for a dose of cuddles when I need love from someone. Which is really great. 

5. They make me smile; I know dogs are cute and cuddly and they make you smile, but my cats make me smile the most. I don't know why but I always get very strange cats. They are a bit special and strange, so when I discover something new I always smile. (My two cats also go out a lot, especially in summer. And then my responsible cat Buchko takes care of the irresponsible Ravi. Butchko is my cat-sitter for Ravi. She always comes to the rescue when I try to get him back in the house to sleep. Or when he runs away from me). 

6. Don't need a walk: I know a walk is healthy, but I really can't not go for a walk every day. That's why cats are great. All they need is food and drink and a few toys and that's it. They are happy!  They love being alone. So don't worry if they are ever home alone, because they like that too. 

So those were the 6 reasons why I prefer cats to dogs. That's how I got to the end of today's post. If you are interested, please write in the comments. Don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter! and confirm your gmail!!! We'll read again in a few days.