How to stay motivated?

 Today I wonder how do I stay motivated to write a post on this blog?? 

I have 5 ways to keep myself motivated. 

1. Income: My motivation is income, without income there is no life ( I know there is but you know what I mean?) If I don't have income I don't have a job. yes I don't have a job and honestly I'm not even looking for a job because I realized that it doesn't make any sense and I would destroy my dreams and probably never live them, which I really don't want to do. That's why I'm motivated by earning money by writing a blog that you, the reader, get to see for free!

2. Good mood: I am always in a good mood when I think about my blog and how fast it is growing. It really blows my mind that it is doing so well. With your help, it will do even better! Tell others that it exists and I will have more readers and more income. I would really like to have a blog as a source of income so with it a job. This is only possible by sharing this blog. Thank you!

Positive comments: That way I know that I am doing something right and that you, who are reading this, enjoy and like the post. I know you don't write that the post is great but I know you think it is. You don't need to write it to see it in the number of views. 

4. Finding ideas and reading other people's blogs: I admit this is a hard job of blogging. But it really gives me motivation when I look for a post or an idea for a post on foreign blogs and then when I imagine what the post could look like. I find that fascinating in itself. And it motivates me to write new posts. 

5. Exploring: I love to explore and look for different things. There are topics on the blog that take more than one day to finally get written. They need a lot or a little research on google. Yeah not everything is off the top of my head, but I try to make a big eternal one. Research is needed because I don't know everything about all topics and someone else's advice comes in handy. But also because I need to look around a bit and compare the veracity of the articles, and that takes more than a one-page review. That is a pleasure for me. There are days when I don't feel like it, but mostly I do. 

Here were 5 things that motivate me to write a blog, what motivates you?? 

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