Why did I start a blog?

 Today, my reasons for this blog to exist in the first place. The posts will be very interesting and informative so I'll cut to the chase. 

It all started in my 3rd year of high school when I started writing my first blog, which soon failed due to my forgetfulness and too much studying to keep up with. It was called Rainbow Eve, today this blog, which has only 3 posts is called the miserable blog ( https://bedniblog.blogspot.com/ ), link for all of you who want to know what kind of rubbish I wrote in high school. 

Of course it has the same name as this blog. That's because I knew at that time that I wanted to have an artistic name and at that time I was following the Slovenian youtuber Eva kljun on youtube. And I really liked the name Eva but I didn't want it to be just Eva so I said, what if it was a rainbow Eva?? And that's how the artistic name Rainbow Eva was born. 

Well, because of commitments, that blog kind of got lost and I didn't write it anymore. In the meantime I had another website called Guinea Pig. Maybe you don't know that I had a guinea pig. His name was Mouse. He was like the one on the packaging of the food for guinea pigs and other small animals. He was with me for about 2 years or more. I had him for about a year in boarding school in my first year. But because he required a lot of care and a lot of money I gave him to my mother to look after soon after she got a cage for him. And there he stayed until he died. He had 2 tumours. And he really lived a very casual life and he even ended up in one film. Anyway, because of him my first website was created ( https://morskiprasicek.blogspot.com/ ), again for the curious here is the link. I must admit the site really doesn't look bad. And it has about 1500 hits. 

To get back on the subject of why I write a blog. I am writing it because it is another year since I wrote my first blog with the same name from this blog. She was still in boarding school. But I didn't know what to do with myself because I was bored most of the time. So I said okay why don't I start a blog?? 

So I came to this website again. Because I refreshed my memory and I saw that I had written a blog the year before but I forgot about it... I mean I told myself that this time it will be different. This blog was originally called hobbies blog, yes it does sound tempting I know. So over time the blog has changed its purpose and changed its meaning. It got back its original name, Rainbow Eve, and soon a new logo. 

To get the blog to the point it is today I have put a lot of work and discipline. In short, I started writing the blog out of boredom, to be honest. But I soon realised that this is something I really love to do. I'm still doing it for free you see it for free. Can you ever just click on an ad and then close it?? That way I get paid for what I do. Thank you. 

I've decided to do it differently this time. And that I won't give up the blog after 3 posts. That's what happened. Because my blog will be 4 years old this May. I'm really trying to make it better and better. But you've probably noticed that I'm trying to make the blog dark and light. So you can see even during the day if you prefer a light dark or a dark dark, as you prefer. I haven't managed it yet but I'm working on it when I have time hehe. 

That will be all for this post I know you liked it so share my blog among your friends let as many people know. Don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter so you'll always be up to date!!! There is always something interesting coming up so I really don't want you to miss it!!! Leave a kind comment!!! Thank you!! See you soon!